The Mindful Mandala cards are a way to inquire about an immediate issue and know what action to take towards resolution, to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

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The Mindful Mandala cards consist of 75 full color cards, plus a 107 page interpretation book. These cards aren’t ordinary oracle or Tarot style cards. They are not intended to call on outside assistance, but rather to inquire of the Self. They are a distillation of experience and observations of the struggles humans deal with daily. Rather than get weighed down by dark emotions consulting the cards can shift you from despair to joy, from doubt to faith, from darkness to light. The Mindful Mandala cards are a tool to use for any situation, by anyone, for whatever reason. They provide immediate action to shift a negative situation in a positive direction. There are reasons why we suffer, and the Mindful Mandala cards will help you shed a light on those reasons so you can consistently be moving forward in life.

* 75 cards
* 107 page booklet
* 3.5 x 5.0″
* 330 gsm professional card stock
* Gloss coating
* Carefully shrink wrapped


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