We all have questions clouded by our emotions. These emotions sometimes make it difficult to see our way clearly through a difficult situation. The dark emotions are an integral part of being human, and they belong to everyone. Most of the time, self-inquiry using the Mindful Mandala cards is all you need. Other times personal guidance may be necessary to clear away the veil clouding your ability to see the truth. At these times, a Mindful Guidance session can bring clarity.

It is important to note that I am not a licensed medical practitioner, a fortune teller, nor do I predict the future. I won’t be reading the cards; you will. This method of self-inquiry is a means of bypassing your controlling and threatened Ego to connect with consciousness, your deeper Self. Your thoughts have created the dark emotions you are experiencing. With Mindful Guidance, I can guide you past the mental chatter to focus on and resolve your core issue.

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I have been blessed to have Delia as a yoga teacher, health coach and mentor. It is beautiful to see her lifetime of work dedicated to helping others live their best lives now manifested in the Mindful Mandala cards. When using the Mindful Mandala cards alone, it is wonderful to see how Delia’s wisdom and guidance come through the cards as they unfold and easily connect one to their inner self. Answers to life’s grand and small queries come forth always in a thought provoking and enlightening manner. One is left with feeling a deep bond with true self, purpose and life journey…in that moment. 
Recently, I was able to share the Mindful Mandala cards with a dear friend who had a personal reading with Delia and the process and results were so special and brought peace to my friend. ~ Cheryl Kennedy

I had a Mindful Mandala Guidance session with Delia, and I am completely blown away at how helpful of a tool the MM cards are at resolving inner conflict. Delia helped guide me to create the right question to ask my spirit; what challenge I need to overcome; the tools available to me; and finally what action is needed to overcome my challenge. After my session, I spent quiet time journalling, and in just a few days I truly feel that I am on the right track and am mindfully focusing on what I need to do to listen to my inner spirit and move forward. Delia’s guidance is always an enlightening experience that transitions into a positive life journey. ~ Lisa Atalese

“I had the great pleasure of having a Mandala Guidance session with Delia. I had been needing to release some issues I have been dealing with, and was not sure of the direction I should take. She was amazing in walking me through the precise question that I needed to ask, which changed my comprehension of the exact issue. In her reading with these beautifully crafted cards, I was given the answers I needed to help me release my ongoing problem. So glad to have her guide me through the action I need to take”. ~Denise Kay

“Thank you so very much Delia for the Mandala Guidance session. I spoke about a new career choice and both the logical and emotional aspects of the decision making process. Through asking questions and receiving guidance on the Challenge, Action, and Tool, I feel I have gained much mental clarity on my selection. It was extremely beneficial to walk through the process with Delia and gain further insight into the cards relevance to my career choice. Thank you again!” ~Francesca Pagano

“Delia Quigley’s Mindful Mandala cards are both works of art and powerful tools for excavating truth, intuition, and clarity. I began my session with Delia without any strong sense of direction or ability to hone in on my essential question. Through the combined wisdom of the cards and Delia’s experience with interpretation, I came away with a fresh perspective that revealed issues and insights that allowed me to move past my habitual thought patterns”. ~Debra Fernandez

“The card readings are not about predicting the future, they are even greater and more profound. With the guidance of Delia, I saw how I had created a phrase in which I told myself what was true but which held me back from my greater potential, this was my problem statement. Delia helps to narrow down the problem statement through questions and probing, refining it for the next part of the process. Next, I believe that the synchronicities between fate and choosing the cards leads you to how you can go about solving your problem. As we know the answer is inside us, nothing is without, and everything is within. Delia is able to translate the categories of the solution in to Actions, Challenges and Tools. Coupled with these categories and the beautiful inspirational mandala artwork, give meaning and framework to solving the issue at hand. I was able to understand what’s holding me back, what stands in my way and what tools I can use to change my story. “. ~Gina Cerbone

I have had several Mindful Guidance card readings with Delia. These took place at a time when I was dealing with situations that were confusing and overwhelming. Through the cards, she was able to bring clarity and focus to the issues. Then throughout the sessions and conversations, huge insights were gained and tasks set forth. Delia offered gentle but clear guidance and wisdom. Together we developed steps for the journey ahead. Her advice was positive and usable. I would highly recommend incorporating this tool into your life. – Linda
P. S. The cards are beautiful!