Honor Yoga Studio

The Mindful Mandala exhibit is an interactive installation. It is designed for yoga students to experience the process of self inquiry. The images on view are taken from the set of 75 Mindful Mandala cards. The mandala’s can be an essential part of awareness and meditation practice. Gazing upon the image helps to clear and still the mind allowing for a deeper reflection.

Email info@mindfulmandala.com to host an interactive exhibit for your yoga studio.

Mindful Mandala Gallery Exhibit

This was the first interactive exhibit Delia staged at a photography gallery in New Jersey. The 22 photo images on display in, Mindful Mandalas: Your Guide To Resolving Life’s Challenges, was so successful the entire exhibit was moved to a popular yoga studio (see above). There they continue to assist individuals in resolving their day to day struggles. The interactive experience highlights how, in any situation, there are always Actions one can take, Challenges to overcome, and the inherent human qualities, or Tools, that assist one in overcoming the dark emotions.