I had an idea—one that excited and inspired me—one that pushed me to grow and evolve—one I could share with others and help them shift and evolve as well. It is a big idea, huge, one that has been building my whole life. Now it’s here, and it is reshaping lives. This idea was to create a set of self-inquiry cards people can use to resolve conflict in any situation. These cards aren’t ordinary oracle or Tarot style cards. They are not intended to call on outside assistance—what has become the Mindful Mandala cards embody what it is to be human—with all the juicy bits and pieces, and they are ready to be shared with you.

Questions You Might Ask

About Delia and the Mindful Mandala Cards

Currently I am a professional writer, photographer, and photo artist. I am also the author of ten books on yoga, meditation, and healthful living. Following thirty-five years as a yoga instructor and nutritional counselor, I began StillPoint Schoolhouse Publications (SSP). My intention is to publish books and photo art that will inspire others on a spiritual path, and help ease the mental and physical suffering caused by our dark emotions.

I created the Mindful Mandala cards because life is full of questions. Some are simple inquiries; others are multi-layered concerns that take longer to find an answer. My training as a yoga and meditation practitioner, has taught me the importance of self-inquiry and the power of stillness. I’ve learned how focusing the mind can bring clarity to any confusing situation. Yet, I wanted something more specific—a way to inquire about an immediate issue and know what action to take towards resolution, a way to cut through my Ego’s blocks and get to the heart of the matter quickly.

What is a Mandala?

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon-dah-lah) means “circle.” A Mandala symbolizes the unbroken circle that is a diagram of the infinite universe extending outside of and within our mind-body. You will find the Mandala image in all aspects of life: the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and, more obviously, the circles of life encompassing friends, family, and communities. 

What are the Mindful Mandala Cards?

The Mindful Mandala cards (MM cards), are a self inquiry tool to use for any situation, by anyone, for whatever reason. They provide immediate action to shift a negative situation in a positive direction.

Are they the same as Tarot cards?

No. Tarot cards are an esoteric form of divination with roots going back to the Egyptian god of wisdom. On the other hand, the MM cards allow you to inquire into the emotions that are influencing a situation you are unable to clarify. In so doing, you are provided a plan of Action, the recognition of what dark emotion is causing stress, and a reminder of your inherent positive qualities to assist in overcoming the Challenge.

How often  should I read the Mindful Mandala cards?

Make a habit of inquiring into your state of mind with the MM cards, at least once a day. A good time is before sitting in meditation but anytime you have a moment to sit quietly is recommended.

Why should I purchase a Mandala image?

When reading the Mindful Mandala cards certain Actions, Challenges, and Tools may show up that you will want to be conscious of on a daily basis. Have the Mandala images on display as a reminder to stay focused in the present moment.

Can I read the Mindful Mandala cards for someone else?

You should first read the blog, Reading the Cards. This way you have a clear understanding as to how to read the cards for yourself and others. If you are a professional therapist, yoga instructor, or counselor consider participating in a future workshop geared to your profession.

Can I use the Mandalas and cards with my meditation practice?

The Mandala can be an essential part of your awareness and meditation practice. Gazing upon the image helps to clear and still the mind allowing for a deeper reflection. Each Mandala is a unique assemblage of high vibrational photographs that resonate with an individual’s highest frequency. The combinations bring a distinctive energy and intensity to the Mandala and speak to you as a unique individual.

Events, Workshops, Exhibits

I offer Mindful Guidance sessions by appointment only. Interactive Mandala exhibits are available for yoga studios, galleries and museums. I accept commissions to create a personal Mandala for yourself or as a special gift for someone else. Please inquire further at

About StillPoint Schoolhouse

StillPoint Schoolhouse LLC is a small, self-publishing company featuring the writings and photo artistry of Delia Quigley. StillPoint Schoolhouse Publications now has five titles in the marketplace, and we are taking a big step to offer the Mindful Mandala cards and Mandala images on this e-commerce site. We appreciate your support, and patience as we begin to work out any kinks. Your feedback is always welcome, so drop a line at

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Books by Delia

To better assist your spiritual journey, Delia has writen ten books on health, yoga, and meditation. Here are four of Delia’a books from StillPoint Schoolhouse Publications.

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What People Say?

Delia Quigley's Mindful Mandala cards are both works of art and powerful tools for excavating truth, intuition, and clarity.
Debra F.
I can't wait to buy more copies for the office and to show my clients.
Jackie F.
“I had the great pleasure of having a Mandala Guidance session with Delia. She was amazing in walking me through the precise question that I needed to ask. So glad to have her guide me through the action I need to take”.
Denise K.
Massage Therapist