Why do you say the brain is like a computer?
Good question! In neuroscience and even physics the human brain is considered a “computer made of meat.” Naturally, since humans created the computer it would mimic the human brain in many ways. I propose that you were born with a certain amount of software. These include positive qualities, such as love, kindness, compassion, and generosity. You also were born with negative emotions such as, ignorance, egoism, attachment, and greed. In Tibetan Buddhism, they are called mental afflictions or dark emotions that lead to anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, desire, and depression. In yoga they are called Klesha’s, meaning “poison”. Everyone has these emotions, regardless of race or gender.

Do you mean that our emotions are the cause of suffering?
Ignorance and attachment are the primary cause of suffering. Your thoughts trigger emotions, resulting in a reaction. Anger can arise over a missed parking spot, or it can go deeper, it can be violent and abusive. It can be deep-seated and surface at the least provocation because whatever past incident that was unresolved continues to feed anger into any conflict that follows. Jealousy springs from insecurity. Kindness can change a situation in an instant. Ego can be blind and cruel. Patience is an ongoing life lesson. Family can challenge your every emotion, and Compassion becomes the soothing balm to the world’s wounds. 

This is my mind most of the time?
Yes, emotions dominate your every decision. They cause war, strife, and separation from others. By asking the right questions, the Mindful Mandala cards can assist you in moving through the dark emotions so as not to become stuck in repetitive negative thinking. 

How does it compare to a computer system?
We know your mind-body is housed within your physical body, and let’s say the Self is the computer housing, which requires an operating system, like you find in an Apple or PC computer. In this case Consciousness is the operating system, and it functions through your nervous system. It also communicates through your brain and 6-senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and intuition.

“We are creative beings trying to replicate ourselves”.

Children love to take apart a toy, just to see how it works. So too, humans want to know how the body functions under a variety of conditions. To understand how the Mindful Mandala cards can help you resolve your day to day challenges, consider how similar artificial intelligence is to your mind-body.

is housed within your physical body

Computer Housing
This in turn requires an operating system

Operating System
Consciousness functions through the

Consciousness communicates through your

And with your


You were born with Hardware and Software

Body Systems
Body Parts
Body Organs

A complex system of emotions made up of:

Mental Afflictions ~ Dark Emotions

Human Qualities ~ States of Being

All powered by your

Funds all action

All the pieces of your mind including the self, ego, memories, beliefs, dreams, your past, all of you, creates the content that makes up consciousness. There are so many fragments mentally in play it is easy to become overwhelmed, allowing the ego to manage it all. But what if there was a way to inquire more deeply. A slow internal investigation that will bypass the incessant chatter of thoughts and allow you to listen to consciousness in its entirety. To really listen to what arises once the right question has been asked and the answer revealed. This is the purpose of the Mindful Mandala cards, to move you past the noise and into stillness where you can listen to the heartbeat of consciousness.

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