I originally designed the questions to first ask what ACTION should be taken for a positive outcome to a situation. This is how it is printed in the Mindful Mandala Guide book, and this is the way I have guided individuals through a Mindful Guidance session. However, I have realized that there is a second way to approach how you ask a question, especially when overcome by dark emotions clouding your ability to think clearly.

Begin by laying the 3 decks face down in separate piles. Then ask: “What CHALLENGE, in the form of a dark emotion, is blinding me to the reality of my situation”. Then think of a number from 1-25. The first number that comes into your head is the right one. 

NOTE: Rather than shuffle the cards, I have been leaving the decks in sequential numbers. Each deck is numbered 1-25, and not knowing what card is what number I feel comfortable leaving them as is, at least for the moment.

Knowing the CHALLENGE, you can now ask: “What ACTION can I take to move past and out of the emotion blocking my progress”. Again, repeat the question several times, then think of a number from 1-25 and pull that card. Lay it to the left of the CHALLENGE card.

It’s now time to ask: “What TOOL do I have to assist me in overcoming the emotional CHALLENGE”. Repeat the question, choose a number, and lay the card to the right of the CHALLENGE card.

NOTE: You may read the interpretations in the Guide book after drawing a card or you can wait and read them after all three cards have been drawn. Try it both ways and see which one works best for you. As you can see from how I inquire of consciousness, there is no one way.

Take the time to sit in stillness, contemplating what the cards reveal. The Guide book interpretations may not always “fit” the question you have asked, but there will be something to trigger the intuitive knowing within your conscious – subconscious mind. Let the words rest there, gaze upon the Mandala images, explore what they mean to you in regards to the situation you have inquired about. It’s all there waiting to be revealed. Let it rise to the surface without Ego mind judging or criticizing the message.

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